Monday, September 19, 2005

Post freshers week

Wow. Freshers week is tiring! As a fresher all you have to do is turn up, and yet, when your helping, your on call as it were for 24 hrs a day! You best all appreciate it you Hull Uni freshers you!

Besides that, I've been going to a new church which is top notch, St John's Newland, if you're interested, which is so bang on the point it hurts.

This is going to be a short email, as I'm heading to bed at this freakishly early time, however I will return soon to fill you in.

God bless.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hey, that's not all I do, I gave a panguin a bath today...

You would have thought that having the internet at home would have opened up a world of interesting possibilities to me. However, not 2 hours have passed, and I'm bored, Knitting, and watching 50 first dates. This blows.

Last night, however, had a really really cool chat with one of my housemates, a proper christian argument, admittedly slightly fuelled by Lidl's "Wine" (Note quote marks, as we have unconfimed reports it may have been paint stripper), and I got to explain about what I believe, and why I believe it. Oh yeh, haven't really said yet, I am a christian, which is Ace.

Dave, if you read this, I will ring soon, theres a lot of problems with a group of my mates and my evenings are very busy. I WILL ring as soon as I can though. Oh, and your still a legend Dave. God Bless.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

And verily, there was much feasting, and merriment abounded...

Ok, so it turns out that I can eat an entire apple strudel, and still leave room for an Ice Pole. A blue one. Impressed?

Much merriement has indeed abounded since my last post. A fun filled weekend of Austin Powers, going to the gym so much it hurt, and apple strudel, has been accomplished, and I look forward to the week ahead with a certain tinglyness.

Perhaps I should explain. Last year at Uni I decided to purchase a video camera to capture the expected hijinxs. The resulting video resulted in much merriement, and so this year we are going bigger and better, with a number of set pieces. We plan on trying our hand at producing a black and white movie, a fan film, and some crazy gym-orientated antics while dressed as Germans called Gunther and Hans. All going well, I may endeavor to post samples here, If not, imagine two guys with big moustaches in a gym, poncing about pretending to be German. That'll pretty much be it.


I am allowed to mock Germans, as my dad is one. Just before you think I'm racist.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Extreme Knitting and Retro Gaming...

Seeing in the start of september in style, and preparing for those chilly months ahead, I have taken up knitting. Extreme style. It has to be said that it's not exactly that extreme yet, but I can assure you that it will be. I'm currently fashioning a very stylish scarf, and will be parading around very soon I hope.

Yesterday also saw the return of Disco Stu to Hullshire, famed for his stonewash jeans, beige fleece, and crazy Disco abilities (Phd in Funk), bringing with him his Sega Megadrive. Now that really was the sound of my childhood, and I'm glad that once again my house can be filled with tinny sega music. Huzzah!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pencil And Paper Alert!! Pencil And Paper Alert!!

This is a cow. It ammused me for over half an hour. I drew a beard on in paint. Try it yourself - IT'S AN ART ATTACK!!

I'm your long haired lover from Liverpool...

In August I took part in Merseyfest, over, fairly unsupprisingly in the Mersey. Go here,, for details, or over to Big Dave's Blog (and the reason I started my own) which tells you loads about merseyfest, King's Kids, and his high and low points. Thats all here;

My high and low points will follow, the list I made is at home, and I'm having to use the Uni computer centre until my tinterweb works, so I'm all over the place. Bear with me.

I REALLY don't want to call this "First Post". That just irritates me....

Wow. I genuinely never believed that I would actually start a Blog. Just seems pretty dull really, for you that is, if anyone actually ever reads this. Cos, you know, it's not as though I really do anything.

However, I am back at uni now, which is quite exciting, in my house in Hull, with Rose and Scott (my housemates). It really was such a hole when we arrived, I thoroughly reccomend anyone else at Hull uni NOT to use Kexgill Lettings, mainly because they're rubbish.

I'll try and get some pictures up of the house, and me, and other random stuff which I deem to be amusing when I find the time. Until then, errrm, go look at other websites. But come back, ya hear me?